Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Research Paper

What is air pollution? First of all, the word “Air” means the air we breathe every 3 seconds. Some people said that we also breathe the air that came from the ocean. Air gives us the oxygen to breathe in this world. Just imagine if we are standing on Mars; could we survive a minute there? The answer is no, because that Mars do not have any oxygen compared to the earth. Air is very important to all the living things on the earth, not just humans, even plants need oxygen to breathe. If the air has been exposed to dirty air, it could affect most of the living life in the earth. Air pollution forms smog, and smog could cause acid rain that is dangerous to humans.

Have you thought how the environment of New York City was back in the earlier times, when there was no big building, when there was no car that had been invented yet, when there was no computer or electronic things? From a book or on the website that I have read, I have gathered some extra information about the history of New York City. From the past years, people at this time are living differently than in the present time. They did not have much of the high technology that helps humans to create something that is good. At that time cars had not been created yet, or cigarettes either. So as you can see that, back at this time, the New York City environment must have been a lot better that the present time today. Air environment in New York City is much cleaner than it is today. This probably is because of the urban sources of air pollutions had not been created yet back at that time. When times passes by, many of these genius people invented new creations of modern technology. This is when the automobile and machines were born into the world. Nowadays, New York City has a different environment than in the past time of history. We can see clearly now that the air environment in New York City is already being polluted. These sources are the causes of air pollution in New York City. Air pollution sources are mostly done by human activities and some are nature activities.

New York City is facing a lot of environmental problem nowadays, such as water pollution, light pollution, noise pollution, land pollution and air pollution. Since my topic is based on air pollution, I’m only going to discuss the environmental problem of air pollution in New York City. I have three main arguments with examples and opinion that support this argument about the problem of air pollution in New York City. In these three arguments I will tell all about the information of air pollution that New York City could use to solve the problem to make New York City much a better place to visit. Air pollution is divided into two types which, are outdoor air pollution and indoor air pollution.

These two different types air of pollution, which are outdoor air pollution and indoor air pollution. These two types of air pollution have their own differences that is, outdoor air pollution only occurs outside a house, while indoor air pollution only occurs inside a house. These two types of air pollution also have their own different sources of air pollution. First, I’m going to talk about outdoor air pollution’s causes, harmful effects and ways to solve the problem.

There are many causes of outdoor air pollution that create a lot of smog in the air environment. One of the causes is from a machine that produces a lot of smokes into the air environment that exposed dirty smoke into the air and creates smog in New York City. There are many urban sources of air pollution that machines produce, such as vehicles and factories. According to Dan Fagin, “air pollution comes from a vehicle’s exhaust and other sources of urban pollution” (2005, p.1). New York City is a famous place that is well known by people around the world. From the sources that I get from the Internet, I found out that about 12 million people are living in New York City. This is a huge population of people living there. Half of the people are using vehicles for their transportation to travel or to go to work. With the huge amount of people living in New York City, we can imagine how much smoke is produced from the vehicles’ exhaust each day when the vehicles are running around in the city.

Another big machine that creates air pollution is from factories. New York City has a lot of factories that are running every day. One factory produces much smoke each day, and probably New York City has more than one factory. According to Williamson, “factories could create dangerous elements of smog and ground-level ozone, which is toxic to the respiratory system and particulate matter, tiny airborne specks of either liquid or solid particles that consist of soot and acids that can lodge deep in our lungs” (2005, p.1). Factories produce a lot of smoke into the air and could create huge smog too. One incident that happens near New York City is in Long Island. Huge smog from New York City travels from the city to the Island and brings a lot of problems to the plants (Fagin, 2005). People in the island are unhappy with this problem, because for a whole year the farmers work hard on planting crops, fruits, and vegetable on their farm and it is ruined because of the smog. The polluted air easily destroys the farm crops and also garden because of this smog creates bad ozone that hurts the plants.

Acid rains forms because of air pollution. All of these urban sources of air pollution pollute the air easily and somehow when it is raining, it becomes acid rains. Acid rain happens when a pollutant such as sulfuric acid combines with droplets of water in the air, and the water that came down from the skies becomes acidified. This effect of acid rain on the environment can be a very serious problem to humans and also nature. Ozone depletion occurs also because of the same problem of air pollution. This happens because the earth atmosphere gets damage because of the gasses that are released from human’s activities. For example, CFCs gas easily damages the ozone atmosphere.

Another form of pollutant in our air is known as CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons. CFCs could create major damage to the air environment and to the earth. CFCs come from sprays, solvents, refrigerant gases and paints. If too much CFCs gases were released in to the air, it would cause damage to the earth’s ozone atmosphere. For example in Australia, people always like to hang around near the beach. Mostly, in the beach people like to go for a swim and dry their skin under the sun. But what they do not know about, at that time, part of Australia atmosphere was damaged and the ozone hole are appeared there. People in the beach did not realize that their health problem was on the line because of the ultraviolet light. The purpose of the ozone layer is to protect the earth from the ultraviolet light from the sun. These CFCs gases could damage the ozone by transforming into a part of the ozone, then destroying the ozone layer. If the ozone shield gets too thin or disappears, exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause crop failures, skin cancer and other environmental and health disasters.

About the second type of air pollution, which is indoor air pollution, many people spend a large amount of time indoors than most of the time outside the house. We work, study, eat, drink and sleep in enclosed environments where air circulation may be restricted. For these reasons, some experts feel that more people suffer from the effects of indoor air pollution than outdoor pollution. The causes of indoor air pollution is from tobacco smoke, cooking and heating appliances, and vapors from building materials, paints, furniture, etc. Because of people with family most of the time spent their time in the house, this is a more major problem than the outdoor air pollution.

Air pollution could cause many harmful effects to humans and to the nature. Air pollution can affect human health with two terms that is short-term and long-term. There are differences between these two terms; short-term effects are just only a minor effect of human health that is irritation to the nose, eyes and throat and also gives headaches. Long-terms effects are similar to a major disease to human, such as lung cancer, skin cancer, heart problem, damage to the brain and also mutation to the babies. According to K. Ruder, “highlight the need to protect pregnant women and especially their children as a sensitive subset of the population”(2004 p.23). The author means that pregnant women should take care of their health by staying away from a dirty air environment and not to smoke while pregnant. Otherwise the fetus will get infected with the environmental toxins (Ruder, 2004). If a mother breathes too much dirty air, the newborn baby probably will not be born like a normal baby. According to D. Cleve, “Children, seniors and people who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma are at an increased risk of the effects of poor air quality” (2005). Because of this air pollution problem, both children and growups health are becoming more aware. The sickness people are increasing, and many children or grow up stay at home because of this sickness. The clinics and hospitals get all the benefits from many of their patients.

Air pollution also causes harmful effects to nature. It could damage plants, crops and farms. Because of the toxic air that these plants breathe, it could not survive and most of these plants did not grow. Other harmful effects are the greenhouse effects. It could change the climate because of the air pollution problem. This happens because of the weather could change because of the smoke that covers up the heat sunlight. If heat in the sky combines with the cold, this could create a tornado. This is how air pollution could cause harmful effects to nature.

There are plenty of ways to solve this environmental problem that New York City faces. To solve this environmental problem of outdoor air pollution, we have to find more than one way. There are a lot of solutions to solve air pollution problem such as the problem that came from vehicles’ exhaust. According to T. Socha, “You can help to reduce global air pollution and climate change by driving a car that gets at least 35 miles a gallons, walking, bicycling, and using mass transit when possible” (2005, p.3). People also could use electric transportation that does not use gasoline, for example electric train and vehicles that use solar energy. Electric trains are the best way to reduce air pollution because electric train does not produce smoke and also electric train is much faster than vehicles and trains do not have a traffic problem when they are running. Vehicles that use energy solar are also a way to reduce air pollution, but these kinds of vehicles are hard to find or to buy it because they are seldom been sold in the market vehicle.

For the factories or power plants, government can relocate the factory to a place where people are not living around there. This is the best way to solve the problem so that people will not be thinking again that their neighbor is a factory or a power plant.

For the other sources of air pollutions like CFCs gases and cigarettes, there are ways to solve it. For the CFCs gas, we could ban the use of CFCs gases. We also could ban the selling of CFCs gas in the market so that people do not use any more of those gases. For the cigarettes, the government could increase the price of a box of cigarettes. The government also could advertise that smoking can kill people and it is bad for their health. This will make smokers afraid to smoke again.

For indoor pollution, there are several ways to reduce indoor air pollution. One of these ways is to put exhaust hoods or vent pipes on the appliances burning natural gas and other fossil fuels. Setting a formaldehyde emission to standard building, furniture, and carpet materials. We also could equip work stations with the adjustable fresh air inputs so that this machine could observe all the dirty air turning into clean air. If none of these solutions work, we also could find substitutes for the potentially harmful chemicals.

In conclusion, to make New York City’s air more breathable for the people in New York City, both the public and private sector must encourage the people to solve this problem. This means that people in New York City have to work or cooperate to do the activities to solve the problems. People who are responsible also have to stop making this problem over and over again.



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Stop The Test !

In the year of World War II, Las Vegas, Nevada, was a place where the government tested their nuclear bomb. The government and the army forces did this nuclear test. The reason they did this was to check if their new creation, the nuclear bomb was working or not. A nuclear bomb is a powerful weapon and a dangerous weapon that could hurt the people and the earth. Nuclear weapon is mostly used when there is World War happening. According to the Salt Lake Tribune editions, “ President Bush says the military needs to get the site primed for testing should the need arise” (2004 par. 7). This is the reason the government is still doing this nuclear test. President Bush made a promise that he had plans to resume the test (Salt Lake Tribune edition, 2004).

Las Vegas is facing a problem with the nuclear test that has been run by the government. This activity caused a lot of effects to the people who live near Nevada. These people who got infected by the radiation could get disease from it. The nuclear test is a bad negative activity that the government does. People in Nevada have to stop this nuclear test immediately for their own sake of their health.

The nuclear radiation is exposing the air environment. According to Solomon, “Nuclear test was a health hazard” (2001, p.1). This quotation is true; the nuclear test is really a health hazard to the people who are exposed with the radiation. For example, Bill Edsley who grew up in Cedar City, a place where almost a hundreds of nuclear blast were released every year and because of this, was exposed to the radiation got two diseases skin cancers and melanomas (Gubler, 2004). The National Cancer Institute says that the nuclear test in the year between 1950s and 1960s had showed Iodine 131 all over 48 states in the United States and it caused a lot of people to receive a radiation dosage about three to seven times normal, including children.

There are plenty of reasons why nuclear tests must be stopped. According to Evenson, “We do not need tests to develop new nuclear weapons” (2004, par. 6). Evenson is right that we do not need any nuclear weapon in this world anymore. Nuclear weapons only make the world worse if it is still available in the black market. People had enough already with this war that is going on in the world. The public view wants the earth to have peace with every person in the world not going to war with each other.

In conclusion, this nuclear test does not bring a good positive side to the people in Nevada; instead it gives a lot of harmful health hazards to them. The government has to stop this action because it causes a lot of people's lives to be in danger. The best way is to stop this nuclear before it is too late.


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Friday, November 11, 2005

Air Pollution In New York City

I became interested in the problem of air pollution in New York City. Air pollution in New York City is becoming more serious than before these past years. People in New York have been breathing polluted air without noticing it. The biggest air pollution that ever happened in New York City happened on the date of 9/11. On 9/11, terrorist’s crashed a plane into the World Trade Center. The huge building collapsed onto the surface and created huge smog that frightened most of the people at the scene of the incident. This air pollution lasted for about one week until people in the New York City worked together to solve the problem. There are many reasons for this problem of air pollution in New York other than the incident of 9/11. I’m more focusing on who caused this air pollution, why did they do this activity that caused air pollution, how did they do this activity, when did they stop this problem, who is the main cause, and where was this activity is been done. New York City is one of the biggest cities in America and it has a huge population of people living in New York, about 12 million people. People in New York City are the ones that are responsible for the problem of air pollution in New York City. According to Dan Fagin (2005), the air pollution is from the vehicle exhaust and other sources of urban pollution. There are a lot people that are living in New York and many of these people or families have a vehicle of their own. These huge amounts of vehicles that produce smoke every day cause the air to be polluted. Factories in New York City are also one of the main sources of air pollution. Factories could create dangerous elements of smog and ground-level ozone, which is toxic to the respiratory system and particulate matter, tiny airborne specks of either liquid or solid particles that consist of soot and acids that can lodge deep in our lungs (Williamson, 2005). This problem could affect our health.

I plan on writing three arguments about this problem that people in New York should not do. With this argument, air pollution in New York could be reduced to a smaller amount. First, factories in New York City produce a lot of smoke these days. This smoke could pollute the air easily. Moreover, New York City has a lot of people living there and many of these people have their own vehicles. Vehicles produce smoke from the exhaust. Too many vehicles cause a lot of smoke in the air and could cause the air to be polluted. Finally, open burning fire should be illegal to prevent people from burning their trash or garbage. Burning garbage produces a lot of smoke into the air environment.

I have found a variety of articles on this topic that I learned and it gives me plenty of information of the topic of New York environments. I also have a useful website that helps me to solve the problem of the topic.


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Thursday, November 10, 2005

New York’s pollution causes bad health for the babies

In the article entitled, “In New York, Air Pollution Reaches Babies in the Womb”, which was written by Kate Ruder, newborn babies are not in healthy conditions because of mothers in New York had been breathing dirty air. New York’s dirty air causes health damage among the people in New York. Most victims are mothers who are pregnant. According to Ruder, scientists believe that babies that are born in New York City had accumulated a high amount of genetic mutations with the babies. The reason is that the polluted air or dirty air environment in New York City that is caused by the vehicles, factories, smoking mothers and other sources of urban population. Mothers in New York somehow do not breathe clean air because of the polluted air and all the sources of urban pollution. Newborn babies have more toxics in their bodies more than their mothers who are smokers. Dirty air in New York City can cause lung cancer to everyone and especially is bad to pregnant mothers health ad that of their babies. All types of pollutants and tobacco smokes also can increase the risk of having lung cancers. Mothers and newborn babies have the same DNA but because of the damage from the pollutant it became different DNA. According to the author, “fetus is exposed to a ten-fold lower dose of pollutants than the mother”. However, a fetus that is infected with the environmental toxins will not be able to recover the damaged DNA from the mother’s bodies. Scientists had found a way to understand the problem of the mother’s and the newborn baby’s DNA that been damaged by the air pollutants by analyzing stretches of mutated DNA.

The whole article explains that the air pollution in New York City can cause bad negative effects on people. New York City’s air pollution can cause pregnant mothers to have mutated newborn babies. This means that mothers in New York have been breathing dirty air that can cause bad health to them. Some governments do not care about the environmental problems in New York City because they only consider themselves.

First, pregnant mothers should not be smoking. This is to prevent the babies’ health from becoming bad. To solve this problem, people or government could create a Quit Smoking Campaign. This campaign is for the people who abuse smoking to help them to stop smoking or to reduce their smoking habit. The other way to prevent people from smoking is to show people that smoking can end our life. Advertise that smoking can kill from the newspaper, banner, television, radio and other media sources. Government can raise the price of cigarettes in the market. If the prices of a box of cigarettes are expensive, people would rather not buy it because the price is too expensive.

Moreover, smoke for vehicles can be reduced by finding a way to solve this problem. New York City has a lot of people. Each person in New York City needs transportation to go to some destination. New York City has a variety of transportation that uses oil gas. These vehicles produce a lot of smoke to the environment of New York City. This is why the air is polluted and people find it hard to breathe in this environment. To solve this problem, people could share a car or carpool to work. This can reduce the amount of cars in New York City. The other way is, people could use transportation that does not produce smoke, for example electric train. Electric train is one of the best ways to reduce smoke in the environment. Electric train does not produce smoke into the air because it does not use oil gas.

Finally, people in New York City do not care if they are breathing clean air or dirty air that has been polluted. In New York City, people have always been busy with their work and they do not care about their surroundings. A lot of people in a day breathe this polluted air. To solve this problem, I recommend that people in New York City should often use a facemask. This can help to protect them from breathing the dirty air environment and this is useful for pregnant mothers.

In conclusion, the environment in New York should be taken care of by all the people in the city. If the problem is solved, mothers and fathers also do not have to worry about their health infecting their children’s health. No air pollution, freedom of healthy body.


Ruder, K. (2004, July 23). In New York, Air Pollution Reaches Babies in the Womb. Genome News Network. Retrieved 11/1/2005 from:
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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Smog Destroys the plants

In this article entitled, “Ozone’s lingering effects; Smog from city damages plant life on the island’ written by Dan Fagin; a staff writer for Newsday. According to D. Fagin’s article, he explains that the polluted smoke in New York City travels on Long Island and causes bad effects to the plants there. Because the surrounding air is being polluted by smoke it is creating huge smog. This smog can cause bad effects to the environment surrounding the place. They predicted that this smog always comes from the East in summer. By July, for some of the plants, for example bean plants, the leaves of this plant will change color similar to the color of a rusty nail. A month later, the leaves will start to fall down to the ground and the ground will be full of leaves. This polluted air can destroy farm’s crops and garden plants because the smog that creates bad ozone could hurt the plants. The reason New York City’s air is being polluted is because of the vehicle exhaust and smokestack pollution that creates a chemical reaction in the air. Because of the large number of vehicles in New York City, the air is always being polluted and it becomes huge smog. The amount of smog in the city is much higher than the amount of smog in the village. The other reason is that in the city there is a lot of machines in the factories that create smoke. These machines produce a lot of smoke and throw it into the air. This is also making the air polluted.

The author is arguing about the air pollution in New York that keeps increasing because of the irresponsible activity that the public does creating smoke or air pollution. This air pollution in New York creates a huge amount of smog and it is traveling to a beach that has farms and crops. This smog damages or destroys the plants.

The author argues that the government should find a way to solve this problem. I agree with the author that smog in the air should be stopped to prevent anything bad happening to the environment.

First, the smog from New York City has destroyed the farms and crops on Long Island. This is what the farmers in Long Island are very upset about; that their hard work of planting has been destroyed by the smog. There is a way to solve this problem and to prevent the plants or crops from being destroyed or damaged by the smog. People on Long Island could build a greenhouse for the plants. A greenhouse would allow the plants to be covered in a big house with transparent glass for the plant to get sunlight. This greenhouse also prevents anything from outside to come inside the house, so smog could not go into the plants and destroy them.

Moreover, vehicles create plenty of smoke in the air and this is what causes the air to be polluted. People use vehicles almost every day to go from one place to another place. To solve this problem, people can carpool together to go to work or some place. People share a car together to go some places rather than bring their own car. This way we can reduce the smoke that is coming from the vehicles by reducing the number of the vehicles on the road. People also can use transportation that is not producing any smoke in the air; such as electronic cars, bicycles or other kind of transportation that is not using oil or gas.

Finally, factories and power plants in New York City have produced a high amount of smoke. This huge amount of smoke is creating dirty air in the environment of New York City. This dirty air can cause people to have asthma, impaired lung function or lung cancers, and can cause death. To solve this problem, people could create factories that throw their smoke in the ground. With this way the smoke is being reduced in the environment. Scientist could invent a machine that does not produce any smoke. With this way, we could at least reduce a little bit of amount the smoke of in the air.
In conclusion, there are many ways to solve the problem of air pollution. If air pollution is being stopped, people both in the city and in the village will be happy with the environment. People can breathe the fresh air without worrying if the air is polluted.


Fagin, D (2005, July 17). Ozone’s lingering effects; Smog from city damages plant life on Long Island. Newsday Article. Nassau and Suffolk edition. Retrieve 10/25/05 from Lexis Nexis website.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day After Tomorrow for New York City

In this article entitled, “Hot nights in the city: New York City’s environmental future” by Alan Whyte. According to A. Whyte, he is trying to explain the environmental problem that occurs in New York City. Since 1869, the weather in New York City has changed into much hotter weather. This hot weather is causing the city to have a serious drought. There was only 0.44 inches of rain in New York City at that time. When a heat wave occurs in the city, some people will get tortured with the heat and some will probably die because of the heat. This always happens once each year. Since the year 1980, New York’s temperature has increased 4 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the scientist that makes research with the weather, it’s said that in the year 2100, New York’s temperature will increase up to 5 to 10 degrees. They predicted that summer will have much hotter weather and the nights will also be hotter. This hot weather will bring many more negative problems to New York; for example, the seawater will rise, much more disease will spread, the earth’s ozone will be much thicker, and these will cause many people to die. Throughout this article, A. Whyte explains about what is going to happen to the weather of New York City in the future and why the bad weather can make so many problems for the people in New York City. I agree with the author that New York is facing a weather problem, and that somehow the people of New York will have to prepare to solve the problem if it is going to happen in the future.

First, if the weather gets too hot or the heat wave occurs in New York, the best way for the people in New York to get out of the heat is to go to a much cooler place such as in the house. Every house should have air conditioning to help them to cool them off. If the heat wave happens in New York City, people should stay in the house and they should not go outside the house or under the sun. Some people could not last longer in the heat and they will probably die from the heat if the body temperature could hold up with the heat temperature. It is like a lobster that is being boiled alive, then 10 minutes later it died because of the hot temperature of the hot water.

Moreover, mosquitoes mostly come out in heat weather. This hot weather is the reason why disease is spreading in the city. For example, malaria is a disease that is carried by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes live in wet places such as the dumping ground, in a sewer and other places that are dirty. When the environment gets warmer, mosquitoes start to spread out to find some victims to suck their blood out. This is when the human becomes the victims. People can get malaria disease from the mosquitoes. To solve this problem, people should keep their home clean inside and outside their house. People should always use long-sleeve clothes to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes. People should always close their doors and windows at night to prevent the mosquitoes from getting in the house.

Finally, the water level of the sea will rise until it can cause a flood to the city. The reason the water level of the sea rises is because that the polar ice caps and the mountain glaciers melt because of the hot weather. When the ice melts it produces a lot of water and drains to the sea. This is why the sea level increases from the polar ice and the mountain glaciers and it causes floods in New York City and makes people suffer from floods. There is no way to solve this problem because it depends on Mother Nature and we could not stop the Mother Nature from making this horrible hot weather.

In conclusion, the heat in continues in New York City, it can cause a lot o f problem to the people in New York City. To solve this problem, people in New York should find a way to solve this problem to prevent from anything bad happen to the environment and the people in New York.


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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Back Again In EAP2 class......

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Globalization of the Industry Music Business

The Music industries are a big business in the world. Musicians from over the world make a lot of money from the industry business. The more popular and famous you are in the music industry the more money you earn. These musicians earn their money from the selling of their album to their fans. These albums can be found in the music stores with an expensive price; they cost about 25 to 30 dollars. Nowadays people are selling the pirated cd albums to customers. This illegal activity can cause the seller to go to prison. Because of this, people use modern technology to sell the music through the Internet.

With this highly modern technology, people’s lives have now become easier than before. The internet also makes the music industry much easier than before, because they could sell their music through the net. According to W. Dolfsma, “Internet allows musicians to offer their music directly to their customer” (2000, par.1). People only have to move the mouse with their hand to download any kind of music that they like through the net. People also can buy the music conveniently and cheaply from the net (Dolfsma, 2000). People from all over the world also can download international music from all over the world using the internet. In United States, record companies gross a profit margin of 30 to 35%, where these margins overseas are the over 45% (Lanza, 2000). Some websites of music in the internet are free in charge of download any kind of music. For example, Napster website gives free downloaded music to their customers.

When the Napster was just published in the internet, the website gave free original music downloads to their customer. Almost a million people used this website to download music. Because of the illegal action that Napster has made, the music industry banned the website from giving free original downloaded music to their customers. This illegal downloading music from the net is creating another major problem to the music industry (Silverstone, 2004). Nowadays Napster website has no free downloading anymore. If a person wants to download music from Napster, they will have to pay it for each song.

According to S. Silverstone, “Most downloading is done over peer-to-peer networks by teens and college kids” (2004, par.1). The reason teenagers and college kids download their music from the internet is that some of them do not work for a part time job and they have no money to buy some music album for themselves. Some creative teenagers download the latest music and copy it to a cd. They burn many songs and turn it into cd to sell to other people with a cheap price at school or in the streets. This is breaking the law that a person could not sell pirates things to other people. If they get caught doing this activity they probably will be fined or go to prison.

According to K. Porter, “downsides of globalization are very similar to the downsides of capitalism. Capitalism can lead to rampant poverty, exploited workers, cheated stockholders, fraudulent product claims, disregard for the environment” (2005). K. Porter is trying to explain that globalization is related to capitalism and what globalization does will affect Capitalism.

In conclusion, according to R. McChesney, “…radical improvements in communication technology can make global media empires feasible and lucrative” (2001, par.6). McChesney is trying to say that that globalization is a good way to improve communication technology that could make an impact on the world global media empire. Therefore, what I am trying to say is that globalization of the music industry somehow bring positive things to people and brings negative things too. To solve the negative things, it depends to the people and if they use the correct way of the internet.


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